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0% interest free credit is available on our new 3.1kw air conditioning unit that cools and heats your home

This can make indoor living a challenge which is why many home owners are turning to professionally installed air conditioning systems that will both cool and heat their homes, are highly efficient and inexpensive to run, and are currently available at a government subsidised VAT rate of just 5%.

* The Meridian All-in-One wall mounted air conditioning unit will cool your home with a 3.1kw A/C unit as well as heating it when needed via a powerful inverted heat pump. And it does so very efficiently and at mimimal cost.

We have also included a built-in WiFi module so you can control the heating and cooling via an App on your Smartphone or tablet.

The following 0% credit terms apply:

Cost of unit £1,695.00

Deposit required of £339.00

12 monthly payments of £113.00

Total cost of finance = £1,695.00

Watch video below for details on our new splitless A/C unit