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We are pleased to announce the launch  of our new Slide and Fold Doors

New wave.jpeg

Our innovative groundbreaking Slide and Fold Aluminium sliding door are an incredible breakthrough in door design for conservatories and where a traditional patio door might be fitted. The original concept was to design a sleek, elegant system that introduced a whole new concept in sliding door systems. This has resulted in a sliding door that cannot be matched by other sliding or bi-folding doors in elegance and ease of use.

Although traditional bi-folding doors, sliding doors and patio doors are often used in construction projects or for home improvement – a slide and fold door is more than just a door – it's a door that can also act as a movable wall system. With elegance and ease of operation – our Doors are the perfect match for any home.

Please watch the video above and ask for a free quotation.

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