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Your door makes a statement. It reflects your home’s personality, your lifestyle and your aspirations.

First impressions count. Your front door is the first feature people notice about your home. That's why it is so important. That's also why Meridian install a high-quality, flush-fitting composite door that meets the exacting demands of today’s discerning homeowner. Designed with you in mind, our new 2018 collection is one of the most comprehensive ranges of composite doors on the market.

Choose from attractive colours, including beautiful woodgrain finishes that look like traditional wooden doors, but don’t require the maintenance

associated with timber. Or if you prefer, bespoke shades can also be supplied on request.

Today’s composite doors are the perfect stylish, secure and low-maintenance choice; combining superb aesthetics with unrivalled long-life performance. With superior weather-tightness, secure locking systems and greater thermal efficiency, your home is fully protected with a modern composite door. How’s that for peace of mind.

Whichever door you select, you can be assured that your door has been made to the highest quality standards. Whether your requirements are for a door with a large glass area to bring light in to your home, or a door with little or no glass to maintain the privacy in your home, you will find a design to suit in our extensive composite door range.

A small sample of our door styles are shown below. Our design consultants can provide full details on the complete range on request

The UK's Strongest Man


Our Apeer door

A small selection of our residential doors are shown below.

The Dales Collection

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