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Extend your home, extend your possibilities, with a Meridian orangery

Throughout history, Orangeries have been a fashionable space in which to entertain and relax. To extend your home will extend your possibilities – the only limit is your own imagination. Your orangery should be a union of space, style and functionality. It will provide the extra room you have always dreamed of. It could be a space to work, a space to play, a space to dine or a space to just simply escape from the stresses and strains of life.

If you want something a little extraordinary, our orangeries come in a range of wood grain finishes aside from white, with a choice of roof types, glazing, hardware and locks so your space will be nothing less than unique. Our design consultants will help you to decide on the right style and size and can provide you with a computer aided design mock-up of how it would look once installed at your home.

Please look through a few of our recent orangery installations below.

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